This has to be one of my favorite places for lunch in the area. Avocado Cafe is located in an apartment building complex. There is some parking in front of the few shops there, however if busy, I'm not sure if there is more parking available in the structures. Service has always been great here, I always feel welcomed when i come in and the staff has always been very friendly. I've never had the chance to sit inside, it's always been nice days when I come to visit, so I have always been outside when enjoying my lunch. I've been here several times, however the last time, the meal had to be one of my favorites. I ordered the avocado torta, which was one of their specials that day. It was delicious, would I spend about $7 again for it? Maybe..... They sell vegan pastries from an outside vendor, that seem to be hit or miss. The one time I got an almost vegan brownie, I was in love. I thought I would feel that way the next time I decided to get snickerdoodle cookies and I was pretty disappointed. I'll be back here for lunch time, but prices are a bit expensive.