Breakfast is served every day until 11:00 am. We serve coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

    • Breakfast

    • Breakfast Burrito

      3 poached eggs, bacon, jack cheese ,avocado, potatoes, on wheat tortilla

    • Pastrami Toast

      Thin sliced pastrami, 2 poached eggs, spicy mixed cheese spread, on toasted sourdough

    • Avo Toast

      avocado-toastWheat toast with avocado, tomato, sprouts and two poached eggs

    • Salmon Toast

      IMG_2413Smoked salmon, two poached eggs, spinach, basil pesto and cream cheese on toasted squaw bread.

    • Loaded Grilled Cheese Toast

      Loaded Grilled CheeseTwo poached eggs, bacon, avocado, provolone and cheddar on white bread

    • Southwest Chicken Toast

      SW Chicken ToastChicken, avocado, two poached eggs, spicy cheddar cheese spread and arugula on toasted sourdough

    • Bagel

      Bagel SandwichChoose: Plain, everything or raisin

      Choose: Butter, cream cheese, cinnamon cream cheese, or sun-dried tomato-basil cream cheese

      Add: Tomato, spinach, red onion, sprout, cucumber, roasted red pepper, or basil pesto (25 cents each)

      Extras: Avocado ($1.00), smoked salmon ($3.00), smashed egg ($1.50), bacon/chicken/ham/turkey ($1.50)



    • Fruit Bowl

      Fresh cut seasonal fruit

    • Oatmeal

      Oatmeal with fresh fruit, cinnamon, honey and milk

    • Chai Oatmeal

      Chai oatmealOatmeal with pistachios, coconut and chai spice

    • Crunchy Granola

      GranolaCrunchy granola with fresh fruit and choice of milk or yogurt

    • Apple Granola

      Apple GranolaCrunchy granola with fresh apple, coconut, cinnamon and choice of milk or yogurt

    • Smoothie Bowl

      Your choice of any of our smoothies served in a bowl topped with honey, granola, and fresh fruit