Breakfast Burrito


3 poached eggs, bacon, jack cheese ,avocado, potatoes, on wheat tortilla

Pastrami Toast


Thin sliced pastrami, 2 poached eggs, spicy mixed cheese spread, on toasted sourdough

Southwest Chicken Toast


SW Chicken ToastChicken, avocado, two poached eggs, spicy cheddar cheese spread and arugula on toasted sourdough

Chai Oatmeal


Chai oatmealOatmeal with pistachios, coconut and chai spice



Oatmeal with fresh fruit, cinnamon, honey and milk

Apple Granola


Apple GranolaCrunchy granola with fresh apple, coconut, cinnamon and choice of milk or yogurt



Bagel SandwichChoose: Plain, everything or raisin

Choose: Butter, cream cheese, cinnamon cream cheese, or sun-dried tomato-basil cream cheese

Add: Tomato, spinach, red onion, sprout, cucumber, roasted red pepper, or basil pesto (25 cents each)

Extras: Avocado ($1.00), smoked salmon ($3.00), smashed egg ($1.50), bacon/chicken/ham/turkey ($1.50)



Loaded Grilled Cheese Toast


Loaded Grilled CheeseTwo poached eggs, bacon, avocado, provolone and cheddar on white bread

Smoothie Bowl


Your choice of any of our smoothies served in a bowl topped with honey, granola, and fresh fruit

Fruit Bowl


Fresh cut seasonal fruit